About Us

Before we start let me acquaint you with what Creative Crows is about. Colonel Mahip Chadha and Tannaaz Irani set up this registered Limited Liability concern, which deals primarily deals with editing, formatting, designing and publishing books, magazines, brochures and promotional material.

We also undertake all work related to routine graphics, design and printing of calendars, diaries, as well as documentation for schools, offices, organizations, RWAs and similar groups as well as- business houses.

Our genre for books dwells primarily in the realm of higher education, publication of thesis, books on Law, History, Geography, Defence, Adventure, Fiction and Poetry!
Needless to say, we are in the process of learning and striving towards printing books of the best quality .However, notwithstanding the above –we are willing to publish any book where the content shows promise.

We are a group which believes in providing opportunity for first timers to publish and promote their work giving them the muscle and confidence to go for the kill in the next attempt! Money is not the only the only option before us-but we have not accepted work by some authors where the manuscript is of extremely poor quality or cannot be salvaged!

Poetry is another field, where several poets and poetesses have been requesting us, to help them out but we have not done so. Now –well under duress from some of our close friends we have agreed to enter this arena and print books of good quality with minimum expenses to the authors. One could say that our endeavour is to provide self publishing at lowest cost fare.

The publishing business is on a downhill path. People do not wish to read and enjoy literature because books are being churned out by school and college children who have not really matured into thinkers. They are under the impression that writing anthologies or small story books about so called romances are the requirement today, but this is not so. A good author generally understands a plot, researches his important characters and then lets them take the stage till the time has come to take a bow, and reach out to the readers; amidst adulation and applause.

We at Creative Crows are constantly searching for THE BOOK!

It may take time but our gut feeling and faith will help us to uncover it from the mountain and plethora of books around us!

We offer advice, services like editing, graphic content and cover designs as well as formatting the book with adequate leeway for authors to edit their books to their heart’s content and satisfaction. We help in story content, easing possible bawdy material, removal of pornographic content and then prepare books both in hard cover or paper back variety; for our authors maintaining contact and generating goodwill amongst them.

Colonel Mahip Chadha, is himself an author of four books, one a Career Counseling book for children wanting a career in the three services-the only one of its kind in the country titled GRIT GUTS and GALLANTRY. The second book titled SOLJER SOLJER deals with life in the Infantry, under vagaries of climate and weather. Heroes it is true- but left to wither; by the country’s bureaucrats and politicians because of selfish reasons.

The third book GIN and LIME WHISKEY or WINE? deals with the shock and trauma felt by the veterans when they retire and enter the world of civil street-civy street as it is popularly called. They suffer from the same medical, and financial problems and watch in amazement, as a civilian society with whom they never seriously interacted, is engaged solely in the pursuit of making money- not only for their own use but for their successive generations-knowing fully that they cannot carry anything with them after Mr Death takes charge. Humour then becomes the best friend of the veterans and they pursue life in the Twilight Zone happily!

His fourth book titled HE ME and SHE deals with his life as a widower and how he navigates through life with his domestic staff who become family! He has now begun writing the sequel to this book called RUM & COCA COLA!

Tannaz has worked with us initially as our Resident Editor, Mumbai and Thane. She is extremely good at editing and reviewing books which she reads carefully reads before commenting on their content. With her excellent command over the English language, she has now graduated to a partner in Creative Crows Publishers LLP. Tannaaz is at resent writing a novel about her family especially her Grandmama! Her book is called GOODNESS GRACIOUS ! GRANDMAMA!

We have with us our talented Graphic Designer Khemchandra Sahu who can work for long hours tirelessly to complete a work schedule.

Finally-CAW CAW! dear friends we Creative Crows; are waiting in the wings for your clarion call!

Love and good wishes!

Mahip and Tannaaz


Our vision is to steer this Company with the best talent and expertise in our midst! To find a niche in the world of publishing, so that we are regarded with due respect!


To assist all our authors and clients to achieve their ambitions with our help and guidance, thereby creating a perpetual bond between us which we can cherish till eternity!