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Book Image Colonel Mahip Chadha

Colonel Mahip Chadha is a retired army officer residing in New Delhi, India. A graduate of the Indian Military Academy, Colonel Chadha served in the Indian Army for nearly 34 years. During this time, he served in the Third Gorkha Rifles—his inspiration for the novel

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Book Image Colonel N.N. Bhatia

Colonel NN Bhatia was commissioned in 13 Kumaon and commanded 2 Kumaon (Berar) - one of the oldest Indian Army battalions. He took part in the 1965 and 1971 wars, and during the insurgencies in Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir. His coffee table book on Bahawalpur (Pakistan) produced during his last posting as Col GS (Intelligence), in Headquarters 10 Corps; was highly appreciated. After retiring from the Army, he served in the Intelligence Bureau specializing in the Industrial Security, and conducted security audits of a large numbers of vital installations. He is a free lance Industrial Security Consultant and is a prolific writer on matters military as well as industrial security. His numerous articles have been published in various journals and in a Pakistani newspaper ‘The Lahore Times’. He is involved in obtaining the release of 54 Indian POWs languishing in Pakistani jails since 1971 war.

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  • Industrial and Infrastructure Security
Book Image Vikrant Shukla

Vikrant Shukla is a knowledge hungry, enthusiastic young writer who loves to explore and write on different genres. He is a dreamer and this reflects in his writing. He has a love for creativity and enjoys experimenting with his stories and characters. He is a paranormal expert and he easily catches the minutest of the details of the changing aura and he loves to explore the unseen. He also deals with Spiritual Counseling, Paranormal Counseling, Black Magic Counseling and Removal of deadly curses.

Author of

  • Call Centre An Inside Story
  • The Wrong Chase
  • Sukoon and Lord of Darkness
Book Image Air Marshal AV Vaidya

Air Marshal AV Vaidya was born on 21 February 1948. After completing his training at the National Defence Academy, he was commissioned in the fighter stream of the Indian Air Force in December 1968. During his career he has flown a variety of aircraft including the Gnat, Mig-21, Mig-29, Mirage-2000 and the latest Sukhoi-30. He commanded the Mirage-2000 Squadron and has held many important appointments in Vayu Bhawan and was awarded Vayu Sena Medal for his distinguished service in 1990 and Param Vishisht Seva Medal in 2008. Besides this he has written many articles which have been published in various magazines and newspapers. He has also written a book on Cancer titled “Got Cancer – Don’t Worry” which is freely available and can be obtained by sending him a message.

Author of

  • Call Centre An Inside Story
  • The Wrong Chase
  • Aboard My Rocking Chair
Book Image Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharyya

Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharyya is Assistant Professor of English in a college under Chandigarh Administration, an appointment through Union Public Service Commission, India. Specialized in Modern European Literature since her post-graduation from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and doctorate in psychoanalytic theory of literature from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, she has published till date numerous critical essays on psychoanalytic literary theory and European as well as Indian texts in several refereed journals ever since the year 2001. Her scholarship ranges from poetry, painting and drama to fiction and non-fictional literature by the creative geniuses of the last century. She is also an established poet and author of several works of fiction.

Author of

  • Fifty Five Poems
  • Knots
  • The Lacanian Author
  • Lofty
Book Image Colonel Nisar Ahmed Ansari

Colonel Nisar Ahmed Ansari is a retired army officer from the Garhwal Rifles who served for almost 30 years in the Indian Army. He is a graduate of the prestigious Defence Services Staff CollegeHe has commanded a Mechanized Infantry Battalion. He is a prolific writer who has contributed scores of articles in professional journals of the Indian Army for over a decade. He has also published many 'Middles' in the leading dailies such as 'The Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Indian Express' etc for over two decades. This is his first effort of writing a full-scale novel.

Author of

  • Where Have All The Young Men Gone?