So you wish to publish with us? Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1

Send us three chapters of your work with a Synopsis to allow us a peep into your genius!

Step 2

If we approve of the contents we will ask for the manuscript in PDF and WORD

Step 3

A contract will be sent to you on your email address. Please send two copies duly signed for our signatures and one copy will be returned to you.This is your commitment to the project.

Step 4

We will begin formatting ,typesetting your book,design covers for you.

Step 5

After the book interior is complete we will return it back to you for a final check before it goes for printing. Corrections will be made as you like after this process!

Step 6

Once the book is printed complimentary copies will be sent to you, others will go to our Marketing Agents and the cover is included in our brochure, and mailed to various organisations!

*Your royalty will be paid annually!